Exercise 9 – Developing your confidence

For the¬†first in the new projects¬†entitled ‘People Unaware’, we are to “choose an outdoor situation where there will be lots of people and activity, and in which you will feel confident using a camera”. The brief further states “Take as many photographs as you comfortably can in one session. When you review the photographs afterwards, recall the comfort level you felt at the time, and consider to what extent this helped you in capturing expression and gesture.

For this exercise I went to a local event which was a motorcycle show. I took my Sony A6000 with two lenses, one a wide angle and a long tele-photo to help me pick out the subjects without giving much away in terms of my positioning and causing subjects to be distracted by the camera.

Click on any image to enlarge:

[73], [74], [75]

In this first selection I was keeping my distance and watched as people talked and moved around the show. One group of guys where looking at the motorcycles on display and talking to one of the owners. Sometimes just standing still and waiting for people to pass was a good option and not so conspicuois.

[76], [77], [78]

On the next group of pictures I observed as a photographer took photos of children and riders against a green screen. It was easy with so many people around to watch others taking selfies and talking to each other without the risk of been seen.

[79], [80], [81]

As you can imagine, I took my time with these shots!!! Two models were having a photo session with another pro photographer, so I could easily sit in the background just behind the main photographer and take photos (as others did) while the girls did their thing. I moved around to get side and front views while the session took place.

[82], [83], [84], [85]

On this last set of four photos, I watched a lady photographer as she also moved around much like myself, taking pictures of folks at the stalls and generally around the bike show. I also watched as one famous biker being filmed so I took a photo of the interview taking place as well as a behind the scenes shot of the cameraman.


This was a fairly easy way to take photos of people in an open area without risk of being seen or becoming conscious of my presence to others and thus feeling embarrassed. Using a long tele-photo lens helped me keep my distance from the subjects and close in from afar without too much detection.