Tutor Feedback – Assignment 5 People and Place on Assignment

I had received my final tutor report for the last in this module for People and Place at the end of April, but family loss and other work issues has put me behind my studies, and thus the final upload on my tutor report.

For this last report I was very happy to read my tutor seemed very pleased with my final assignment. The comments were very positive and I had written in my last reports that I thought many of the previous reports were a little too criticising without enough context of what needs to be done to improve the work overall. But this last report was very different.

My tutor states my learning process and analysis has improved and that my route of thinking has come along leaps and bounds. This was very pleasing to read after the other four assignment feedbacks made me feel very ‘flat’.

I have tried to encompass the suggestions my tutor has made with the inclusion of contact sheets, even though I feel at times this is a lot of extra work when I could be using that time for better blogs and material. The learning log has also received good comments as well as my critical essays, with a note saying based on my geographic location (Dubai) I have done well to capture the images in the way I did, under difficult circumstances.

So this concludes my last blog for People and Place and all that remains is the formal assessment to the OCA for grading. I have learnt a lot during the time spent on People and Place and it has pushed me well and truly out of my comfort zone, and put me insituations I would normally walk away from. I glad I didn’t and I think the module has made me a more rounded photographer.

Thank you.


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