Tutor Feedback – Assignment 3 Buildings in Use

Having read through my tutor feedback I agree mostly with the remarks made.

A couple of the changes I have been asked to change are firstly on one image in Masdar City the top of the other building is coming just slightly into the picture. I will crop this out and resubmit. The second was in the four pictures of Mall of the Emirates, two images are black and white and two in color. It was suggested that maybe these would work better as a set in black and white, so I will try this approach and change images to B&W..

Other suggestions is to add a photo contact sheet to show what other images I had taken (not all) but just a selection that shows my work flow and how I have come up to the final images and why I deleted others for submission.

One last suggestion would be to add more menus to categorize both exercises and assignments. This has been done.


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