Tutor Feedback – Assignment 1 A Portrait

I was happy to read the initial tutor report for my first assignment in People and Place. My tutor opens with the comments ‘This assignment is well considered. It has a good feeling about it showing a good range of your models personal aspects. You did well to consider the focus to be on the personality and this gave you a context to work with.’

My tutor also mentions adds ‘In order to improve is to start to take a few more risks and explore the ways my images can become more creative’. For this assignment I had taken images mostly of my wife, so it was suggested I giver her a rest and look into other areas..I have to agree on that! Therefore I need to start taking images of other people, and this can be a hard this to achieve here in Dubai at times due to culture issues, but I take it on board non the less.

In closing my tutor states ‘ The write up is brief yet clear and well articulated it shows good technical knowledge, with some analytical critique for each of the images. However there is quite limited self reflection – did you try something new – did you push yourself into an uncomfortable area ? Distance learning asks for you to do this and to comment on how it taxed you, the visual risks you took or did you stay comfortable. There are plenty of positives in this submission in terms of technique that can deliver your visualisation. Well done for getting it together – it’s no easy task but it will be rewarding and interesting along the way.’

I think the comments are fair, and I will try to include the suggestions made in my future submissions ahead.

Tutor Feedback People & Place Assignment 1



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